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Zimbabwean Spiritual Healing


Zimbaremabwe represent traditional Zimbabwean Mbira music, but we also fulfil traditional spiritual culture. This is a brief overview of the cultural aspects that Linos Wengara and Zimbaremabwe promote.

Bute (Spiritual Snuff)

Bute has had an important role in Zimbabwean spiritual healing for centuries. Wengara prepares and cooks Bute in the traditional way, including blessing the process with prayers. The spiritual Bute is important for cleansing, praying and also for sniffing, and it is always used in Wengara's healing practice. We can help supply Bute for your needs, that has been blessed, cooked and spiritually prepared by Wengara. We always cook snuff as we don't believe the raw uncooked product is healthy. Its also important to keep Bute in an airtight container to maintain its quality. Traditional containers are dende or nhekwe.


Zimbabwean healing almost always features the use of traditional herbs. Herbs can be used both for internal, medicinal use, as well as external use, such as cleansing. Wengara has been working with Zimbabwean herbs for around 30 years, since growing up in a spiritual family and learning from a number of powerful healers. He has continued this practice in the UK and keeps a large variety of herbs available.

Spiritual Healing

Wengara is an experienced healer / Svikiro and regularly gives consultations to Zimbabweans living in the UK. He also has a deep knowledge of traditional Shona culture and regularly conducts spiritual ceremonies. We encourage Zimbabweans, particularly those living abroad in the diaspora, to remember and maintain their cultural values. A tree stands strong when its roots are nourished. Zimbabwean people often work very hard in their lives, but if they maintain a connection to their cultural roots they will be far stronger. We are happy to share and support those who want to engage and fulfil their cultural and spiritual lives.

It is also important to mention that part of our advice for many people will relate to lifestyle. Our health is not something we should take for granted, especially when we are living such busy, hard working lives. We love to help and encourage people in their spiritual and cultural ways, but encouraging health of the body is an important to the overall picture, and we will often advise on healthy eating, drinking water, doing enough exercise.


Zimbabwean spiritual culture is a way of life and a faith. It is not a temporary process, like taking medicine for a short illness. We can of course suggest herbs that will help certain conditions, but healing culture itself is a belief system that involves a whole commitment. In the modern age, there is an abundance of information and ideas floating around on the internet, and we have come to believe that it is best to communicate directly, rather than mix our work with all that is circulating. After all, in Zimbabwean culture, we go and visit the healer for Dare, we wouldn't share our soul on social media. Those who are interested are welcome to join us for Dandaro to meet your healer and discuss spiritual life.

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